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Five Ways to Influence Commercial Landscaping Clients

Unsightly or uncared for outdoor spaces, particularly commercial ones, can turn people away, especially potential clients. Commercial landscape clients often need a slight nudge to improve their surroundings. Once they see how impactful the benefits are, they will surely come calling. Here are five ways to help encourage those clients to invest in their lawn….

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Commercial Landscaping Services Defined

Most commercial properties have a goal of drawing customers to its storefront. A well-groomed landscape plays an important role in making the business appear attractive and tidy. Moreover, a clean, welcoming outdoor area improves the company’s overall image.  Both potential customers and employees can be positively impacted by an attractive landscape, which allows you to…

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Signs Your Landscaping is Outdated

The goal of commercial landscaping should be to look crisp, sharp, and organized with a touch of color. The overall aesthetic is welcoming, and the shrubbery guides visitors to the appropriate area. As the greenery grows, it’s imperative to provide proper maintenance on turf, landscape beds, and entryways. After about 20 or 30 years, commercial…

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Exploring Landscaping, Hardscaping, and Softscaping

Landscaping companies might throw around the terms “hardscaping” and “softscaping” often, but do you know what they mean? They are often used interchangeably but, in reality, are quite different. LandscapeThis term refers to virtually everything on your property; softscaping and hardscaping included. For this reason, landscape companies typically specialize in both softscaping and hardscaping as…

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Protecting Trees and Shrubs for Winter

Trees and shrubs can be particularly susceptible to cold weather. It’s essential to keep them healthy; beyond trimming, it’s critical to keep them protected during the winter months.  PruningTrees and shrubs should be trimmed regularly, especially prior to winter storms. Snow and ice accumulation stress branches by adding extra weight. Limbs that are already large…

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