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Our commercial services include irrigation, fertilization, tree stump and grinding, shrub trimming, snow removal, and grub and mole control. We can offer maintenance and installations, and service your property throughout the season as it needs it.

T&T Property Maintenance works with commercial businesses of any size, offering all of our services in seasonal and yearly packages, or each one can be available a la carte. The number one goal is to ensure our clients are happy with our work.

Feel open to reaching out to us for a quote or inquiring about any services your business may need. Property maintenance is something we know better than anyone, so there’s no one else you should trust!

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Our maintenance programs can be custom-tailored to your property’s needs, we can recommend what you need or follow your usual lead! T&T Property Maintenance prides itself on using all commercial-grade, up to date equipment for each service we offer.

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We know your property can be high maintenance – especially with the amount of dandelions that appear every year in Michigan. So we’ve developed a six-step program that includes three weed control applications and three additional fertilization applications to make sure your lawn is full of the nutrients it needs to be sustainable.

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Weed & Pest Control

We provide extensive seasonal cleanup services, including spring and fall. This service includes any of your specific needs such as weed and insect control, removing debris, blowing or raking leaves, and trimming plants or shrubbery.

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Commercial Snow Plowing

We’re based in Southeast Michigan, which means a lot of snow. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to clear your commercial business of imposing snow. A pathway or parking lot full of snow can send the wrong message to your customers, so we’re around to clean up for you before you open.

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Business Irrigation & Winterization

We are able to install sprinkler systems and maintain them throughout the year – including winterizing your system and making updates to them as they require it! We also include a midsummer check-in to ensure everything is working properly.

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